BucketBall™  Court: A regulation sized BucketBall court will require an area of 8 feet wide by 40 feet long. The minimum vertical clearance required is 12 feet.

BucketBall™ Court Layout

Bucket Setup:  Place six (6) buckets per side arranged in triangle formation.

Fill each bucket at least 1/3rd full with water or sand.

Teams:  Teams consist of 1-2 players. Teammates play on the same side of the court.

Foul Line: The foul line is an imaginary line behind each set of buckets.

Tossing Zone: The tossing zone is the area behind each set of buckets where each team can toss their game balls.

Start of Game

  • Initial possession is determined by: shoot-off, coin flip, rockpaper-scissors, etc.


  • Each player on a team throws once, trying to throw the ball into the other team’s buckets.
  • If a ball goes into a bucket, then the bucket is removed.


  • Teams are allowed one re-rack per game.

BucketBall™ Re-Rack Options

End of Game

  • As soon as one team eliminates all of the other team’s buckets, they WIN!!!
  • The losing team gets rebuttals as follows: one throw per player, one throw each with bring backs, each players throws until they miss.
  • If the losing team makes all of the buckets, the game goes into overtime. If not, they lose and the game is over.


  • Three (3) buckets per side in triangle formation are used in overtime and the team that is winning gets to throw first.
  • Overtime game play is the same as normal game play and the objective is to eliminate all of the other team’s buckets.
**For official instructions and different iterations of the game, please visit Bucketball.com**
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